I am often asked to draw things and create good solutions within visual communication. Here is a selection of work I’m proud of— commissioned by people it was fun to work with.

Beer labels for 7Fjell

Maps & Posters

Illustrations for visual navigation and marketing campaigns


I’ve worked with Skald Forlag, Samlaget, GAN/Aschehoug, Frisk – and some lovely independent publishers.

Stage work / Live illustration / Animation

Sometimes I get asked to do things for stage too. The selection underneath includes live illustration for concerts, tv-work, stage design, and interactive drawing sessions.

Editorial illustration

After 15 years of weekly illustrations for newspapers and magazines it’s hard to include all – here is a selection of the ones I like best.

Courses / Talks

From time to time I give courses within the field of illustration, storytelling and book design. I also have an interactive drawing club!

Illustrations for shops & other places

My drawings also frequent other shops and galleries than mine.