About the project

The book is made to inspire walks and more use of the surrounding mountains, and one of my customers in my shop at Bryggen told me they found the book attached to a pole on one of the mountains! The pages had turned all hard from the weather, and it was still intact. Fun!

“Sagnet om Trollveggen” has also been developed into a hiking trail and an animated short!


I illustrated “Sagnet om Trollveggen” in 2012, a book developed by Frittgående Fruers Forlag. It picked up and lived its own life since we set out, and last year became an animated short! Now the film is sold to NRK. You can watch it via the link above.The short movie is a part of “Eventurskogen” at Norsk Tindesenter in Romsdalen, where the story and my illustrations have been developed into a discovery hike. My characters guide you along the way, and tasks are set at different posts. The project is developed by Heidi Leren at Anunatak together with animator Sigmund Ruud, and you can read more about the design work for the Eventurskogen trail at Anunatak‘s pages: https://www.anunatak.no/prosjekter/eventurskogen/